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Mindful Intimacy Workshop
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Mindful Intimacy Workshop

Starting a relationship requires staying present with yourself and the person you are building a connection with. Yet dating triggers so many feelings that it can be hard to stay grounded and open. Mindful dating is playful, exploratory and curious. It invites you to take a fresh approach that cultivates inner balance and self-confidence. Through learning to work with your fears and defenses, you can stay in touch with the most alive and dynamic parts of yourself as you meet and engage with others.

The mindful dating workshop is a series of group-oriented experiences that offer support, insight, and actionable skills. Through sharing stories, writing, and reflecting with others, you will expand your heart in a way that makes dating fun, instructive and enlivening.

Mindful dating originated from our professional training and our own 20+ years of combined experience dating in New York City. Finding our current committed relationships was not about quick fixes, dating rules, or tricks and was instead a process of softening, accepting, and welcoming the full range of feelings that come with intimacy and courageous love. Each of us experienced the humbling realization that our Ivy League educations and professional successes didn’t prepare us for the inner work and emotional skills needed to find the relationships we wanted. We’re excited to offer a dating approach that honors authentic and compassionate connection with self and others.

Participants of all genders and sexual orientations are welcome, whether you are currently trying to maintain a relationship, just ending a relationship, or striving to start one.

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