Our Mindful team is a committed group of skilled experts dedicated to helping you achieve lasting success.


In a session with a Mindful therapist, all emotions can arise, and be thoughtfully acknowledged and expressed with skill and compassion. Mindful therapists are graduate level  clinicians with expertise in helping you achieve lasting change. Our treatment approach is tailored to fit your individual needs to help you address self defeating patterns in a  safe and secure environment -- without judgement or censure.  Our therapy and coaching sessions will help you find your own source of inner confidence and personal and professional fulfillment.

It important to approach therapy as an investment in yourself. Mindful Psychotherapy is not an in-network insurance provider. However, your therapy cost may be reimbursed through your out-of-network insurance benefits, after you've met your annual deductible. Please feel free to contact us to discuss our fees and to gain clarity on your insurance options.


Founder and Executive Director

Mindful NYC is a private psychotherapy and counseling center conceived by my passion and commitment to meditation and psychotherapy. The Mindful mission is to provide a safe, supportive atmosphere to help you work through patterns and issues interfering with your living a fuller, richer life. I believe the combination of mindfulness practice and psychotherapy can effect positive change by disrupting destructive patterns and fostering constructive connections. Starting psychotherapy can be an intimidating experience that can have life changing effects. This is all the more reason to have the right support and atmosphere of safety. Understanding the mind, and learning to make healthy, intelligent choices are powerful tools in having the life you want. Our highly skilled, mindful therapists will help you get there.

I'm a licensed psychotherapist and the founder & executive director of Mindful Psychotherapy Services. I am also the CEO of everbliss, an e-therapy HIPAA compliant platform that connects mental health counselors and coaches to clients nationwide. My therapy and leadership approach is the product of 18+ years of mindfulness meditation, intensive study and experience as a Yale-University psychodynamically trained psychotherapist and entrepreneur.

Before becoming a CEO and founder, I was the co-founder of Park Avenue Weight & Wellness Center, a fellow at the Yale University Child Study and Yale Bush Center for child development and social policy, and testified for state and federal court as a trauma expert on behalf of victims of child sex trafficking and abuse. In addition to my business and clinical pursuits, I have a full-time Manhattan practice, write and present at national conferences on the topic of group psychotherapy and women leadership.



Alice Wong - MA, MHC-LP
Resident Associate 

The journey towards a fulfilling profession is a personal endeavor unique to each person. My journey took many twists and turns that included a change in my academic program, a gap year, and visits abroad before it led me to my chosen career as a mental health counselor. I know first-hand the anxiety, confusion, and self-doubt that arises when faced with a life-altering decision.

It was through my own personal experience with choosing a purposeful career that I came to realize that every person has within them the innate capacity for self-actualization and the potential to achieve meaningful change. In my work, I am always amazed by the power of resilience, self-efficacy, and self-determination when confronted with life challenges. As a therapist, my goal is to help you become a better version of yourself so that you can better tackle your everyday struggles. 

Through my undergraduate education from CUNY Brooklyn College and master’s level training in mental health counseling from New York University, I am equipped and eager to work with you to help conquer your obstacles and achieve your goals. I believe that working from a humanistic, person-centered approach will provide a warm, supportive environment where you can be true to yourself as you begin your journey of self-discovery.

Amy Bielory - MHC-LP
Clinical Associate 

I believe that everyone should have the ability to seek therapy in a safe space and a non-judgmental environment. My attitude towards therapy is that it is both creative and collaborative. As a result, my aim is to provide a safe, non-judgmental, creative place for you while using talk therapy, art therapy, and specific techniques and tools to help you reach your maximum potential and live a more healthy, positive lifestyle.

Through both talk and art therapy, my goal is to help you achieve growth, change, meaning, and healing, and whatever other goals you set for yourself. I believe that the best way to accomplish your goals is by identifying and utilizing your strengths and that is something that I would love to help you with.

I graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Rutgers University and my received my M.A. in Mental Health Counseling from New York University. I have worked in college counseling centers and private practices and look forward to hopefully working with you soon!


Esther Cho - LMSW
Clinical Associate

I recognize that the path toward satisfying life often passes through the pain of inner frustration, despair, anger, fear, and loneliness of life struggles. There, the next step forward would be to understand and connect with our inner selves in order to make healthy life choices. I believe in psychotherapy as a process of gaining deeper self-awareness, and thus greater agency in living the life you desire. 

I offer an experience of constructive and creative introspection. I can help identify patterns of thought and behavior underlying current issues, address barriers to gratifying relationships, and express difficult emotions. In my eclectic approach, I work collaboratively with clients to understand their unique needs and tailor clinical interventions for each client. My goal is to provide a supportive and authentic space for meaningful exploration and expression of self. 

I hold a BA from Williams College and earned my Master of Social Work at Columbia University. I am also trained in EMDR and speak fluent Korean. Currently, I work with individuals and groups on a wide range of issues, including trauma, depression, anxiety, chronic avoidance, and interpersonal difficulties. I am mindful of the impact of gender, race, class, and culture in the therapeutic work. 


Bryan Todd Aston - LMSW
Clinical Associate

Through my professional career as an advocate, social worker, and therapist, I have come across hundreds of people who have experienced a diverse array of life challenges, including trauma, sexual identity issues, substance abuse, relationship issues, and mental health difficulties. I strive to provide a therapeutic environment that is supportive and judgment free, yet challenging enough to where you can make the needed physical, emotional, and spiritual changes to live a more fulfilling life. I encourage clients to utilize alternative treatments for improved daily functioning including clean eating, and an overall wellness-based lifestyle.

I obtained my Masters in Social Work from New York University with a focus on interdisciplinary treatment: combining the focus of mind, body, and spirit. The primary focus throughout my career has been working with survivors of traumatic experiences and crimes. I have been trained in Trauma Focused - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and utilize myriad other treatment modalities and personalize them for each individual client. I hope that through therapy, you will see a positive shift in your career, relationships with others and yourself, and a renewed sense of what gives you purpose. 


Megan Faralli - MA, MHC
Clinical Supervisor

I view therapy as a collaborative approach between myself and my patients. My goal is to assist you in living a fuller and more satisfying life by gaining insight into your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and relationships. Through insight and accessibility to the many facets of your emotional and mental life, I hope to help you in breaking down the internal and external barriers that prevent you from actualizing your true potential. Emotions are perhaps the most important tools we have as human beings for guiding our lives in a manner that is authentic and fulfilling. Rather than avoiding and/or defending against our emotions, therapy offers the opportunity for them to be welcomed, examined, and ultimately embraced through the safety of the therapeutic relationship. 

I came to this profession following the completion of my undergraduate studies at Boston University. I went on to obtain my masters degree in counseling psychology from New York University, and have since worked in residential mental health settings, outpatient substance abuse agencies, and private practices. I consider the continuation of my own education to be an invaluable and critical component for offering the highest quality of care to my patients. I look forward to meeting you.


Kayla Schwartz - LMSW
Clinical Associate 

If you are struggling with difficult feelings or problematic behaviors, psychotherapy can help empower you to move towards a more fulfilling, contented and authentic life. In the context of a safe and supportive relationship with clients, I provide a supportive environment where they can feel safe to examine their past and their present. As clients become more self-aware and self-accepting, they start to feel hopeful, and begin to achieve their goals.

I have an eclectic, client-centered, psychodynamic approach, and a warm, interactive and at times humorous way. I integrate CBT, DBT and mindfulness strategies into our collaborative work. I have extensive experience with 12-Steps recovery, working both with people who struggle with addictions as well as those in their lives. I speak and treat people in French.

I graduated with a BA from Smith College and received my Masters of Social Work from Fordham University. I am committed to self-development and am currently in the Intensive Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Program at the William Alanson White Institute. Before becoming a psychotherapist, I was a dancer/singer/actress and then a presentation and communications coach, both of which inform my current practice. I am highly attuned to the challenges of finding a work life balance including parenting, relationships, caregiving and managing life transitions. I have helped people dealing with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, ADHD, addictions, codependence and social anxiety to name a few. I feel truly inspired as I watch clients make lasting, positive change.


Jenna Mamorsky - MHC Intern
Clinical Intern

I am currently a Master’s Student in Clinical Counseling through Northwestern University. Prior to my schooling, I spent the past 8 years as an Executive Recruiter. Through my experience as a Recruiter, I realized that I most enjoyed coaching others through the stressful and sometimes uncomfortable process of finding a job, more than simply placing candidates. Through this experience, I was guided to my current path as a Mental Health Counselor. I am passionate about this field because I believe that living the healthiest life for each individual starts with mental health. I believe that proper individual tools, a safe space to express emotions, and recognizing one’s blind spots are key factors in developing mental health strength. I could not be more thrilled to continue to develop and grow these therapeutic skills of my own at Mindful Psychotherapy. 


Alan S. Vanell - M.A., MHC
Clinical Associate 

As a therapist, my approach is diverse but I am primarily focused on nurturing a safe relationship that relies on trust, respect, and patience; to compose a pathway that allows for us to insightfully explore your own thoughts and feelings to bring positive changes and meaning to your present life.  

I have obtained my Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from George Washington University.  From my clinical trainings and professional experiences, I have worked with adolescents, young adults to adults, couples and families who have all presented with a variety of concerns, which includes: anxiety, depression, PTSD, abuse/neglect, relationship conflicts, LGBTQIA, and varying high-risk behaviors, including self-harm, suicidal ideation and addiction.

Through the process of therapy, I believe that the relationship between you and myself will be the essential factor in creating transformative changes within your life.

Dr. Tanveer Ahmed - MD

Life, and therapy, are curvy, winding paths.  Dr. Ahmed's life has taken countless turns that give her a unique perspective as a psychiatrist.  Having been born in India, then raised between there, Iran, New Mexico, and Connecticut, gives her a deep understanding of life transitions, and how they influence us.  Her training in medical school and residency at The George Washington University, then a fellowship at Columbia and Cornell led her to a year in New Zealand working with the Indigenous Maori people, and the multicultural challenges they face.  

Returning to New York City, she has worked in diverse settings including 8 years as the psychiatrist for the Ali Forney Center, a LGBTQ homeless youth support center.  She started her private practice on the Upper West Side in 2011, where she provides open, accepting, and supportive psychiatric care for patients age 18 and over.  

She believes in integrating many modalities to help people discover their best self, be that meditation, traditional psychotherapy, diverse classes of medications, exercise, nutrition, or work with sleep hygiene.  Dr. Ahmed's path has been complicated and challenging, giving her excellent perspective to help others on their own unique journey.